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The Palm Beach Journal

It’s early mornings and yoga pants for us. Organic moments. Whimsical words followed by long slow kisses. Laughing out loud until your belly hurts. A smile. A touch. A breath. The gentle tears of mom watching on. Silly giggles from the little ones. Teasing. Looking back and remembering that moment, that laugh, that starlit night.

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If Amanda was made of anything, in my opinion it would be sugar. My first thought of her after our first meeting, was “I hope they book me!” I hadn’t met Chris yet, but I knew that people like her travel in packs so he must be awesome too! lol! I was right and was […]

Irina & Alex are a sensational couple from Seattle with a seaside dream of their destination wedding day…simply put this day with filled with love and awesome views aboard the Sun Dream. I was so honored to be a part of a day they will never forget, a day that was filled with laughter, love, […]

Luxury wedding photographer documenting families & couples.